Is Facebook social media or anti-social media?

As we see in everything, there are advantages of that thing and also disadvantage of that thing too. So just like that social media has also advantage and disadvantages. The main argue here is that is it actually making us social or it is isolating us from the rest of our present friends. In my opinion it is making us apart from those friends and family members who are actually well familiar with us. We the people of globalization world forget in the race of making friends that those who are on Facebook friends are not real and much closer to those who are actually our school or town friends. Many people say Facebook gave us interaction to the new world and it provided like button not dislike button so you can be bold, but the thing is that in making of more and more friends we are actually losing our honest and real friends and I agree Facebook didn’t invented dislike button but the human psychology is always demand for more and more, so the number of likes matter here. If you didn’t get many like you feel within yourself a dislikement. Same as twitter , it doesn’t make people anti-social because they share their experience in twitter and their point of view but in Facebook we are more likely close to the popularity gaining material. On other hand When it affects me most is in my own home when someone who supposedly has come to visit me starts using a mobile phone to tell similar socially ignorant users where they are and how wonderful they feel for taking time out of their busy schedule to come and see me. It’s just disrespect but we do it many times just for wasting our time in the name of so called popularity. Facebook is just a medium for fun, and mostly we lost our control during this fun time and make mistakes which hurts us in our future. Being social is more active when we do interact people face to face. The most fearful thing of Facebook is that it make you addicted to it, which is lethal. People forget to look the benefits and they follow wrong way which doesn’t make them socialize but it does make them anti-social. People make friends to socialize but it’s just a fantasy because when you need them on time they can’t come because of distance or lack of friendship, so being having 3 loyal friend is much better to have so called social friends. Facebook also creates mental disorder which lead them to feel insecure and complex so later they hesitate to be social in real life public, this is the most harm ever disadvantage of Facebook I have ever feel. For example if someone has a hair style and he won’t get as many likes as he imagine, he probably change in his style before go in front of his friend in real life who may appreciate him.

The End


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