Real Madrid win LaLiga 2016/2017


Real Madrid had said they were going for a win, despite only needing a draw to claim the title, and were in front right from the start, with Ronaldo taking advantage of a dire mix-up in the Málaga defense with less than two minutes gone, to round the keeper and slot home. That meant Real Madrid scored in every LaLiga fixture this season, for the first time ever.  

With news coming in from Barcelona that Eibar had taken a shock lead against Barcelona at the Camp Nou, Real Madrid and their fans were able to relax somewhat and start thinking about the celebrations.

Benzema added a second after 55 minutes to seal Madrid’s first title in five years.

on the other hand Barcelona misses a lot opportunities in their last game with Eibar, which lead them decrease in point table position and cause a major effect in the winning of real Madrid camp.

if we talk about Laliga distribution of money , we can see that:

  • Equal share: 50% will be distributed equally between all 20 top flight clubs

  • Merit Money: 25% will be distributed according to league positions based on last 5 years.

  • Resources Generation: 25% will be distributed according to each team’s capacity of generating resources for example number of official club members, season tickets sold, attendance etc.

Zidane the former real Madrid player as a manager did a great job to manage real Madrid dressing room as well as players on pitch. he didn’t compromise anything on player fitness which led real Madrid to succeed in this season.



International wrestlers touring Pakistan

Eight international wrestlers, who are on a visit to Pakistan, witnessed proceedings of the Senate in parliament on Wednesday, reported Radio Pakistan.

Senate Chairman Raza Rabbani and members warmly welcomed the visiting wrestlers in the lower house.

More than two dozen pro wrestlers will be ready to rumble in Pakistan this summer as security improves, including former fighters from major US conglomerate World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

Pakistani firm Pro Wrestling Entertainment said the fighters would take to the ring in the cities of Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad starting in May.

“We have signed contracts with as many as 25 wrestlers of international repute to come to fight in Pakistan for the first time ever,” Pro Wrestling Entertainment director Imran Hussain Shah told a foreign news agency.

Without disclosing names, he said they came from countries including the US, Canada, Ireland, France, the UK and Algeria.

“Most of them have fought under the aegis of WWE and are big names,” he said.

The firm had worked for a year to persuade fighters to come to Pakistan, which has been largely deserted by international sports stars during its fight against militancy lasting more than a decade.

“Security was the paramount issue for the agents who negotiated with us, but we positively convinced them of the improved security environment in Pakistan,” Shah said.

He cited a boost from the recently completed Pakistan Super League (PSL), a domestic cricket tournament. Its final was successfully held in Lahore this month, with foreign cricketers taking part.

“The holding of the PSL has helped a lot in transforming the negative perception of our country to the international community,” Shah said.

While Mixed Martial Arts and other true combat sports have taken off worldwide, including in Asia, WWE-style wrestling entertainment has largely failed to gain a regional foothold aside from an established circuit in Japan.

But in recent years fledgling wrestling schools, national federations and amateur tournaments have mushroomed, mainly in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.

People around us required little attention of us. We should go for help them. If we make step forward towards humanity then the other in society change itself by watching your action. So never hesitate to help anyone may be some day you will be in trouble and that person can pay you back your all previous efforts.

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Photo story (helping hand)

Now days we see many accidents happen around us just because of too much usage of cell phone. Most of the common mistake we do is listen phone call during driving and crossing the roads. Your safety is in your hand. So do not create any chances which lead you to the serious case of injury on road just because of these mobile. Be safe always and stay happy.

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Photo Story (cell phones)

Its public awareness message to all. As we know in now days many accidents has to seen happened because of little carelessness, so always try to make sure that your Gas pipe should be turn off before you leave. Be safe always and stay happy.

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Photo story

Media as a social institution:

digital-media-treeA social institute is an organization that is critical to the socialization process, it provides a support system for individuals as they struggle to become of a larger social networks. Every social institution has a specific purpose for which they work. For example we have traditional social groups just like schools, hospitals, religious places (church, temple, and mosque), family, government etc. which work for an individual to become useful for society.

Each and every group have purpose, like religious institute gave you spirit to your believe and school gives you education, hospitals give you way of treatment to your sickness. Just like that media is also become really useful social group in now days. Media has many purposes, and it help social institution in really different ways. Media use as an informative tools as well as critical tool and apposing tool for others. It can be used to promote specific kind of ideology. Media is an institution which runs when it gain audience attention so  that why so much sensation, vulgarity , violence and other elements can be seen in media or in film which attract people to come and watch media more and more so they can control the mindset of the people. These channels are own by a private sectors as well as government sectors. Media as mention above follow certain ideology to spread a propaganda to anything and to obtain their own hidden motives. For example if the elections are near the TV news channel hype the news format to gain attraction from viewers. So in other words media manipulate the social norms and values. Media we see use for campaign about cancers to create better awareness in people, media feed us news to be up to date with the society behavior.

Media also follow certain theories which represent their way of working. These are class dominant theory, frame work, propaganda theory and cultivation theories. All these theory say media work for elite class and spread the ideas of that elite class, so the idea of an elite class become the ruling idea of the society. This isn’t happen in days, it may took month or years to promote an idea into the society. Media tells people what to see and how to see. They create a frame through which people see the information, this information comes from gatekeeping process where gatekeeper recheck the information according to their channel ideology. So people see what media want them to see so the audience is passive rather than an active audience. That’s why media is said to be the most useful tool to show you the picture of their own word (it can be use in positive way in the form of campaign and it can be use also in negative way in the form of sexuality or promoting other dis like full activities) but all this change in society through this institution is not happen suddenly, as cultivation theory says it take a time to manipulate people mind set but this mindset isn’t easy to change if it successfully happen is society. Media is the institute through which everyone have easy access to the information. As the technology become vast and fast the whole world took a shape of global village where people share different types of information via internet and other media so in this time this institute have the most value as compare to other social institution. Media aware people about their rights and their voice. Media has also a positive role in society by keep them aware from the current situations and it is mostly use as an entertainment tools. Children like to watch cartoon on TV, and most parent think it’s good for kids but cartoon also have hidden motive which is perfectly set according to the target audience. So when these child grew up they become to like those things which they have seen on TV. Then they try to purchase ben 10 school bags and batman bags and other costume, all what this media institute get is profit. Media work for profit and rating as compare to play fair, yellow journalism or sensation journalism is promoting all over the world. So if we use it in this way it going to destroy our social values and cultural norms and promote violence rather then peace in this world. As from above my writing you can assume how powerful this social institution is and its strategies and its impacts so if we use this institution as a positive and anti-sensational journalism then it could be a lot beneficial for all of the society, As a social institute media has a great responsibility which they have to lead so the society and the negativity of society can be vanish. Social institution always work for society and its welfare so this institute should be work for welfare of the society so the people can aware of the real situations as compare to the fake sensational news. If it’s happen then this is going to be the most beneficial and most powerful institute according to spreading the peace in the society.

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Nonverbal Cues and lying:



Most of the research on the nonverbal signs of lying is driven by the belief that deception is difficult to conceal because…

Lying takes more mental effort than telling the truth.

Emotions give people away when lying.

Lying causes more stress and anxiety.

When lying people are more likely to:

Offer shorter responses, Make more speech errors—more um’s, er’s, ah’s.

Blink more.

Fidget more.

On a side note it should be pointed out that: People do NOT break eye contact when lying.

  1. Throat Clearing:

It’s our fight-or-flight stress response causes the need for throat clearing in liars as the moisture usually present in the throat reroutes to the skin in the form of sweat.

  1. Hard Swallowing:

Similarly, the lack of moisture in the liar’s throat due to the fight-or-flight response causes hard swallows often referred to as the “Adam apple’s jump.”

  1. Jaw Manipulation:

Some liars open their mouths and slide their jaws back and forth. The back and forth movement of the jaw stimulates the salivary glands in the back of the throat. This movement is an attempt to moisten their dry throats due the fight-or-flight response.

  1. Eye Pointing:

Our eyes point to where the body wants to go. Liars often look toward the nearest exit, telegraphing their desire to physically and psychologically escape the anxiety caused by lying. (People who look at their watches telegraph the same message, signaling a desire to cut short a conversation.)

  1. Emotional in-congruence:

Sometimes you just have a gut feeling that something is off, like catching someone with a phony smile. A liar can look incredibly fearful that he or she will be caught, but be careful because truthful people can also look fearful that you won’t believe them.

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Cross culture communication in Verbal and Nonverbal.

  • Nonverbal:

images (1)

  1. Facial Expressions

A smile is one of the most common examples of a facial expression in different cultures. While Americans smile freely at strangers, in Russia this is considered strange and even

Impolite. In Asian cultures a smile isn’t necessarily an expression of joy and friendliness

But it can be used to convey pain and embarrassment.

  1. Head Movements

In many cultures in the Middle East and Bulgaria, the head movement for “Yes” is just the opposite of the head movement for “Yes” in almost any other culture. You can imagine

How confusing it can be to see that somebody is all smiles but his or her head movement means “No” to you. In such cases saying “Yes” or “No” with words is enough to avoid



  1. Hand and Arm Gestures

Hand and arm gestures as a form of nonverbal communication also vary widely among

Cultures. While in some cases a particular gesture means nothing to a representative of another culture, in other cases–for instance the “thumbs up” gesture or the “OK sign”—

Have vulgar meanings in Iran and Latin America, respectively. Yet in other countries the “OK” sign means just “zero”, which is not offensive.

  1. Touching

Handshakes are usually acceptable almost everywhere, even between strangers; however, kissing on the cheek, patting on the shoulder, embraces, or touching other bodily parts aren’t – for many people in Asia and other parts of the world such actions are interpreted as an offense or even a violation of one’s private space. This is why you should avoid


  1. Eye Contact

Eye contact is one of the forms of nonverbal communication where the differences are

Most striking. In America and Latin America not looking the other person in the eye is a

Sign of disrespect and it might even look suspicious (“he or she doesn’t dare to look me

In The eye, so he or she is hiding something”). In other cultures, i.e. Asian cultures,

Prolonged eye contact is especially offensive, so you should avoid it at all costs.

  • Verbal:

Worldwide there are many different languages we have. Some of the language have

Meaning in positive way and same word has meaning in other language in negative way. This barrier is removed in now days with the help of different software where you write any

Sentence in any language and it will translate it to you on your own language. Basically

This diversity and variation of words is present since the different culture is present.

For example in German if you want to say yes, u will say “Ja”. But same this word in Urdu is use to say someone in meaning of “to get out”.

  1. Fart: We all know the English meaning of the word fart, but did you know that fart means speed in Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish? If that doesn’t make you snicker enough, the words for speed bump in each language are far bump, fart shump, and far hinder.
  2. Gift: In German, a gift is not quite as pleasant as in English – it means poison!

Taking it a step further, gift in the Scandinavian languages can mean both poison and

Marriage. These two meanings are related and stem from the same root word, to give.

  1. Kiss:Kiss has a more juvenile meaning in Swedish – pee. Simple, yet amusing!
  2. Slut:Slut is yet another false friend coming from Swedish, in which it means end

(And rhymes with loot). If you happen to see Slut onscreen after watching a film, it’s the equivalent to The End. And Slut station is not what you might hope – it’s just the last stop on a train route.

This shows the different culture languages having different opposite meanings to others. This variation come from an old cultural back ground.


Is Facebook social media or anti-social media?

As we see in everything, there are advantages of that thing and also disadvantage of that thing too. So just like that social media has also advantage and disadvantages. The main argue here is that is it actually making us social or it is isolating us from the rest of our present friends. In my opinion it is making us apart from those friends and family members who are actually well familiar with us. We the people of globalization world forget in the race of making friends that those who are on Facebook friends are not real and much closer to those who are actually our school or town friends. Many people say Facebook gave us interaction to the new world and it provided like button not dislike button so you can be bold, but the thing is that in making of more and more friends we are actually losing our honest and real friends and I agree Facebook didn’t invented dislike button but the human psychology is always demand for more and more, so the number of likes matter here. If you didn’t get many like you feel within yourself a dislikement. Same as twitter , it doesn’t make people anti-social because they share their experience in twitter and their point of view but in Facebook we are more likely close to the popularity gaining material. On other hand When it affects me most is in my own home when someone who supposedly has come to visit me starts using a mobile phone to tell similar socially ignorant users where they are and how wonderful they feel for taking time out of their busy schedule to come and see me. It’s just disrespect but we do it many times just for wasting our time in the name of so called popularity. Facebook is just a medium for fun, and mostly we lost our control during this fun time and make mistakes which hurts us in our future. Being social is more active when we do interact people face to face. The most fearful thing of Facebook is that it make you addicted to it, which is lethal. People forget to look the benefits and they follow wrong way which doesn’t make them socialize but it does make them anti-social. People make friends to socialize but it’s just a fantasy because when you need them on time they can’t come because of distance or lack of friendship, so being having 3 loyal friend is much better to have so called social friends. Facebook also creates mental disorder which lead them to feel insecure and complex so later they hesitate to be social in real life public, this is the most harm ever disadvantage of Facebook I have ever feel. For example if someone has a hair style and he won’t get as many likes as he imagine, he probably change in his style before go in front of his friend in real life who may appreciate him.

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